Health Care Professional Terms and Conditions

SAWAAID Platforms – Terms and Conditions

• Clause 1
Where as the first party owns a platform to provide customers with home health care services using a mobile application and the second party is a health care professional that has the experience and Educational background to provide health care services to the first party’s application users.

• Clause 2
Contract Validity:
The term of this contract is unlimited starting from the date of completion of the registration procedures for the application and approval by the first party. The contract is subject to ending in the following cases:
1. The second party closes its registered account on the first party’s application.
2. If the second party violates the terms of this contract and / or the terms and conditions for the use of the application
3. If the first party ends the application services and deleting it.
4. In accordance to the reasons required by Jordanian law

• Clause 3
Duties and rights of the first party:
1. The first party is responsible for the maintenance of the application, its content, how the services are displayed and the listing of the health care providers.
2. The first party by its own will determine the price of the service, offers and payment methods.
3. The amounts paid through the application, the first party calculates its share of the sales and transfers it to its own account, and then receives the health care providers their share of these sales.
4. The first party does not warrant that the service from this application will be permanent, uninterrupted or error-free.
5. The first party in accordance with its sole desire has the right to refuse applications, if the applicant does not possess the appropriate qualifications to provide medical services and the right to disable the account of the health care provider at any time if it considers it appropriate to do so and the second party can in this case contract the first party after correcting the case to activate his account and the first party has the right to accept or refuse to do so.

6. The first party commits to the secrecy of the second party’s information except for the information that is required to be displayed for the users in order to choose the appropriate health care provider.
7. The first party may request from the second party to provide him with the necessary papers periodically as needed, and for the first party in its sole opinion to modify the requirements for registration in the application when needed.
8. The First Team platform is designed to connect users with healthcare professionals to receive healthcare services and assistance. Therefore, First Party is not responsible for the actions, errors and omissions of users, healthcare professionals and/or any other third parties.

• Clause 4
The second party’s obligations and commitments:
The duties and obligations of the second party:

1. The second party adheres to all the terms of this agreement and the terms and conditions of the application and any other rules stated by the first party later.
2. The second team is obliged to provide the first team with all the documents and papers that they requests until his application is accepted as a health care provider on the application and is responsible for the validity of these papers and in case it becomes clear that they are forged or incorrect, the first party has the right for legal actions.
3. The second party is prohibited from changing the price of the service whether increasing or decreasing.
4. The second party is forbidden to communicate with users personally to provide medical service and in the event of doing so, their account will be suspended on the application and will have to pay for the service sees to the first party as compensation.
5. The second party commit to the confidentiality of users ' personal information and any other information regarding the application or Sawaaid.
6. The second party is personally responsible for any medical errors resulting from preforming their services.
7.The second party is responsible for all the medical equipment it needs to provide its services and knows that the first team does not cover any of them.
8. The second party shall provide the service professionally and comply with the appointment's time agreed upon and in the case of accepting an appointment and not going, the second party will be responsible for the compensation of the first team.
This clause excludes compensation in cases of emergency and force majeure as per Jordanian law.

9. Everything stated in this fourth paragraph expressly applies to the employees of the second party if it is a legal personality
10. Sales amounts paid in cash to health care providers, the Second Party must deliver the First Party’s share of sales, within a period of two days from the date of receiving the cash amounts from the recipient of the service.

• Clause 5
Except as expressly authorized in writing by the First Party or as required for the proper performance of his duties, the Second Party will maintain as confidential and will not use or disclose to any person or entity (orally, in writing or otherwise) any information relating to the First Party, its operations, or its customers, suppliers or other third parties with which the First Party is obliged to maintain confidentiality
• Clause 6
All correspondence and notices delivered to either Party at his address shall be deemed duly served and producing all legal effects, unless either Party informs the other Party of change of address by registered letter with proof of receipt.

• Clause 7
Governing Law.
The laws of the Kingdom of Jordan govern this contract and its consequences. The remedies available pursuant to the laws of the Kingdom of Jordan will be the exclusive remedies available to the parties to this Contract in respect of any dispute arising from this Contract. The courts of the Kingdom of Jordan will have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute between the parties to this Contract arising from this contract.